“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” –  Napoleon Hill


This is a story about my son Carter.  Wait, wait, before you close the page and think to yourself “doesn’t this guy know that stories about his kids aren’t really that interesting, except to him?” Yes I know that.  This story is more about you and me though!

I was reading some of my past journaling about my kids and a funny story stuck with me.

When my son Carter had just turned two he was in the phase of wanting to show his independence and do things by himself.  He would say “My Turn” which basically meant don’t help me.

On this particular day, he was making his way up our steps one step at a time.  I was standing next to him ready to catch him before he fell.  Yes, I was being over-protective, but if he would have fallen, my wife would have made me sleep on the roof.  And it was winter.  Just kidding, but not really.

He was at the second to top step and he slightly stumbled, which considering it was 20 degrees outside, made me quickly grab him.  He looked at me as if I broke his little heart and said “Daddy Noooo! It’s my turn.”

He went all the way down the steps holding my hand and then turned around as soon as he reached the bottom.  With determination in his eyes, he let go of my hand and began climbing up again.  I wouldn’t dare touch him this time as he was displaying this resolve to win.  He wanted to climb the steps without my help, and that’s what Brother bear was going to do.

Needless to say, I was extremely proud of him.  He was so determined to reach his goal.  That handsome little guy was not going to be denied.

Even when he was so close to the finish line, and life (in this case Daddy) messed up his plan and sent him all the back to the beginning, he still marched on and completed his goal.

It’s My Turn

As adults don’t we sometimes lose this ability to fight for what we want?

Don’t we sometimes give up too easily after we hit a few obstacles?

I’ve certainly accomplished some major goals in my life, and these goals were only achieved by never giving up.  I am deeply proud of myself and my accomplishments, but there are still many dreams of mine that I know I haven’t given the required effort needed.  There are certain goals that I am just not fighting hard enough to reach.  Inspired by my son, I need to declare “It’s My Turn” and start doing whatever it takes.

So I ask you when was the last time you looked at yourself and said, “It’s My Turn”?

When was the last time you decided that you were going to achieve a goal no matter what?  Or the last time you decided you were going to overcome any obstacle, and not be denied?

When was the last time you fought with all of your might for something you wanted?

These are all questions I have been deconstructing lately, and I’m offering them to you with great respect for your journey, as tools to help you live a life by design.

The difference between those that achieve their dreams and those that only have dreams, is a true desire.

Look deeply into what you want to achieve in life, and then decide with a burning desire that “IT’S MY TURN!”

Remember, motivation or knowledge doesn’t do anything unless you take action.

Once you decide on the goal that you will achieve no matter what, 5 Ways to keep your New Year’s Resolutions, is a great tool to help you reach that goal.

Make it an awesome day,

Kevin Slagle


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