One-Day Contract

Ask any fan of football, or any fantasy football owner, and they will probably tell you that professional football players are known to have the best year of their career during a contract year.

A contract year means that the player is on the last year of their current contract and will be looking to either extend their current deal, or sign a new contract.

In other words, they are looking to get paid.

In observation of this, Rick Pitino NCAA basketball coach and author of The One-Day Contract, shares that he wishes players could be on a one-day contract so that they gave their best every play, or every game.  Clearly with the threat of injury, this wouldn’t make sense from the perspective of the players, but you get the point Pitino is trying to make.  The one-day contract means you give it everything you have.  Your tomorrow is only guaranteed by your effort and production today.

This is such a powerful concept that we can apply to our own lives.

As Pitino puts it in One-Day Contract, “Ask yourself this question, whatever your job is, whatever you’re working at right now, how would life be different if you were on a one-day contract?  When you adopt a one-day contract mentality, it becomes less about what you were paid or what happened in the past then it is about what you can do today, and how you can make the most of what time you have.”

The elite performers, whether it be in sports, business, or in life, are able to perform at a high level each and every day.

Consistency is a mark of a champion.

Consistency is what separates mediocre from great, or great from elite. How consistently can you bring you’re A-game to whatever it is you are doing.

The Navy Seals have a warrior’s code that includes the commitment to earn your Trident every day.  It’s not just about getting through training and becoming a Navy Seal.  Once you become a Seal, you then have to earn the right to call yourself a Seal every day.

Bringing your absolute best every single day is a difference maker.

What would your day look like if you were on a one-day contract?

How would you perform at work if you were told your salary would be determined by how well you did today?

How would you perform as a father or husband if your actions today decided your ability to be a father or husband tomorrow?

These are all great journaling questions that I think can provide you great self-discovery value.

As always, I share this not from the mountain top but alongside you. We are on this journey together.  My journey is different from yours because success is different for me than it is for you.  The journey we are on together is the journey to be the best that we can be.  So I share this blog, and everything on this site with respect for your journey and with great humility.  We are on this journey together.  This blog is for me as much as it is for you.

Make today an awesome day!


The One-Day Contract by Rick Pitino can be found in the Book Recommendations tab.



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