Be Happy First

“Happy people don’t have the best of everything they make the best of everything.”

There is a happiness trap out there that becomes so easy to fall into.  This trap will drain your emotional energy, remove you from the present moment, and put you on auto-pilot while the beauty of this life passes you by.

This trap is the “I’ll be happy when” trap.  I’ll be happy……

When I make more money

When I fall in love

When I get promoted

When I lose the weight

When I move out of this town

When I find my purpose

Now, don’t get me wrong, these things can definitely boost your happiness, and positive events are an awesome part of life. But please tattoo this thought into your heart and mind –

Your happiness should never be derived from a future event.


Now here’s the big secret – If you focus on being happy first, you will actually achieve all the things on your “I’ll be happy when” list even faster.

See, when we are happy, we are better employees, employers, husbands, fathers, mothers, etc.  If we are happy first, we stand a better chance of falling in love.  If we are happy first we will increase our self-esteem and have a better chance of losing weight.  If we are happy first we will be given more opportunities to make more money because people like to do business with happy people.  If we are happy first we will take more action which will ultimately help us in finding our purpose.

Start putting your happiness first.  Start realizing that you shouldn’t extract your happiness from your circumstances, you should bring your happiness to your circumstances.

If you constantly rely on future events for your happiness, guess what will happen when you reach that future event?  You will just set a new future event.  This is why I call it a happiness trap.

I don’t live in the clouds, of course it’s easier to be happy when things are going great, rather than when things suck.  I get that.  But we want to make sure that our experiences are making us happier, not relying on our experiences just to make us happy.  There is a big difference there!

We need to cultivate our happiness within and then bring that happiness to every circumstance and experience that this amazing life throws at us.

Be happy first!

Make today an awesome day!



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